Josh Got Me $100,000 for My Wreck

After my accident, I went to the hospital, and the insurance company offered me $3000. I knew this wasn’t right, so I called Joshua Palmer. A few months later Josh got me $100,000 for my wreck.

I Love That Josh Answers the Phone at Night and Weekends

I appreciate all the hard work that went into winning my case! I love that Josh answers the phones at night and on the weekends. He never missed my calls

Josh Is More Than a Lawyer, and He Is a Life Coach and Hero

After my son died in a nightclub, I went into depression. Josh was there to help me get back to myself. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Josh is more than a lawyer, he is a life coach and hero.

A Good and Honest Attorney

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all your hard work. You got me a great settlement. I am forever ever grateful and thankful for your service.

Thank You for Taking Care of Us!

Thank you so much JOSH. You are the best black lawyer in Georgia and America. It is great to see a young black lawyer winning big for Atlanta, Macon, and Warner Robins. The community really appreciates you!

This Firm Goes Above and Beyond!

After my accident, Josh came to my house and cared for me. He got my accident report and everything! I did not have to do anything but focus on getting better. I love you all!

These Guys Are Serious and Aggressive

After my motorcycle accident, the insurance company said it was my fault. Once I hired Josh Palmer, not only did they accept liability, but they gave us a significant settlement. Josh does not play around!

I Am Very Happy With My Settlement

The firm professionally handled my case. All of my questions and concerns were addressed promptly. They know their stuff. I am delighted with my settlement.

Your Smile Made Me Feel Secure

“No matter how bad I was feeling, you made me feel comfortable and secure. Your big smile always made me feel like we were going to win. You have so much positive energy. I will forever be your #1 fan. Thank you for everything

Josh Is the Best Lawyer in Warner Robins

Me and my brothers got into an accident. I went with Josh and my brother went to that lawyer that’s always on TV. Josh got me almost 3 times as my brother’s lawyer. He is hands down the best lawyer in Warner Robins and Middle Georgia.

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