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When a negligent driver in a car, truck, or SUV collides with a motorcycle, the driver of the vehicle will be held legally responsible for the accident and liable for damages. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer at Joshua E. Palmer, LLC can help you file a lawsuit against the person responsible for your injuries.

Although drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner, many motorists fail to account for motorcycles on the road. This negligence can have devastating consequences. Even when a motorcyclist wears a helmet and protective clothing, he or she does not have the same protections as someone driving in a car. If you are injured, contact us today (478) 733-8820.

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A Focus on Maximizing Compensation

We use medical reports, police photographs, witness statements and other resources to prove negligence. Next, we will evaluate and determine your compensable damage by considering the cost of your medical treatment, lost wages, property damages, pain and suffering as well as any punitive damages. This allows our attorneys to create the strongest claim possible for your personal injury case.

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