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Under Georgia premises liability law, all property owners or occupiers of land must exercise ordinary care to keep the premises and approaches safe for invitees and guests. When they don’t, and you are injured by their failure to keep their property safe, our premises liability attorneys at Joshua E. Palmer, can step in and protect your rights.

Types of Premises Liability Cases:

  • Swimming pool accidents

  • Negligent security

  • Dangerous animals

  • Nursing home accidents

  • Amusement park accidents

  • Nightclub and Apartment Complex Shootings

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Serious Injury Cases We Handle

In order to establish a premises liability claim, we must prove:

  • The property contained a dangerous condition

  • The owner or occupier of the property knew or, through the exercise of ordinary care should have known about the dangerous condition

  • The property owner or occupier of the property failed to remove the dangerous condition or warn of its existence

  • The dangerous condition caused an injury

We Focus on Maximizing Compensation

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